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Frequently Asked Questions

What is home infusion therapy?

Home infusion therapy is the practice of administering injectable medications in the comfort of the patient’s home. Medications can be given intravenously (into a vein), subcutaneously (just under the skin), or epidurally (into the space around the spinal cord).

What types of patients can benefit from home infusion therapy?

Patients with serious infections can be treated at home with intravenous antibiotics.

Patients who are unable to eat can receive intravenous nutritional therapy in their Tyler home.

Patients with cancer can receive intravenous chemotherapy, as well as pain control treatment via the IV, subcutaneous, or epidural routes.

Even patients with immune deficiencies commonly receive immune globulin treatments at home in East Texas.

Who orders my therapy?

The treatment plan typically originates with your physician. Most often, home infusion therapy is prescribed after a hospital stay. In this case, your doctor will collaborate with hospital case managers or social workers, along with a home infusion pharmacist to determine if you are a candidate for home infusion therapy. Treatments such as immunotherapy may be prescribed directly from your physician’s office.

Who administers my therapy?

Typically, a home health nurse, a caregiver, or even the patient will administer his or her treatment. The home health nurse, along with your home infusion pharmacist, will evaluate each patient individually to determine the safest and most practical way to administer your therapy. Frequently, the nurse will provide thorough direction and teaching to a family member or caregiver, so that they may carry out the procedure safely and properly.

How are the medications given?

Your home infusion pharmacist and nurse will work together to determine the best delivery system for your particular therapy. There are wonderful new technologies available today that make home infusion therapy simpler and more practical than ever. These include small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pumps and elastomeric type infusers. Along with your medications, your infusion pharmacy will send supplies needed to administer your therapy.

Will insurance pay for home infusion therapy?

Most commercial insurers will cover the vast majority of home infusion therapies. Medicare and Medicaid coverage can be limited for home infusion. Your infusion reimbursement professional will work together with you and your case manager or social worker to maximize your insurance coverage and minimize your out of pocket costs.

Where can I learn more about home infusion therapy?

Call Infucare toll free at 1-877-321-9870 or at 903-526-3400 to speak personally to one of our Tyler, Texas home infusion professionals.

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